Roqqu wallet reviews: is roqqu a scam or legit(honest review).

As we all know that cryptocurrency is taking over the world, as more people are making their way into crypto investment, so many people have become a millionaire through crypto investment, and some organizations and government are allowing crypto as their mode of paying and accepting payment. However there are many coin wallets out there, so be careful not to save coins into scammer’s hands. As a result of the rise in the crypto world and as many people are using roqqu now, I feel it is time I should review this app honestly and how it works.
Roqqu is gaining its ground nowadays as many people are finding it more easier and faster than other wallets, roqqu is not just a wallet, but a crypto marketplace where you can buy and sell your coin, and I would like to tell you that it is a legit app and you won’t be scammed using it.
On roqqu, you can buy coins like Bitcoin etherum, Tron, steel from as low as 500 naira with little or no charges.

Who Owns Roqqu.

Uchenna Nnodum is the Founder of, a cryptocurrency exchange platform, and, he is a well-known person in blockchain world.

Is Roqqu Safe.

Definitely, roqqu is a safe wallet and marketplace to carry out your crypto business interaction, and it is 100% safe and your coin is safe with them, but mind you! you must be careful on your side not to leak your login or any information to scammers.
roqqu is legit at the moment and can be used, because of no report of it being hacked.


Service charges — 2% for token buy and 2% for token sell are charged on Roqqu.
This is the best rate I have seen so far from the wallets I have used.


we all know that BVN is a sensitive number that should not be given out anyhow, but with roqqu, no attempt of fraud has been reported and many people are using it, you just need to verify your BVN, nobody is going to private message you for any sensitive information or anything, so you beware of scammers.

What are the available coins on Roqqu?.

Here are the available coins on the app as at the time this article was written. they have been adding more, let’s see what happens as time goes on.

Tether – USDT
Ripple – XRP
Tron – TRX
Binance – BNB
Is Roqqu Legit.

How do I buy Bitcoins on Roqqu?

Buy BTC from your wallet:- Input amount in naira or the number of bitcoin units you want to buy by changing the unit on the left and click on the “proceed with purchase” button.


only unverified users have withdraw limit placed on them, if you have verified your account you won’t have a problem on withdrawing your money.

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