Profitable Business in Nigeria That Can Make You Money Fast.

During this recession, everybody is finding means to survive especially the people of Africa, precisely the citizens of Nigeria, the citizens of Nigeria have been looking for a profitable business in Nigeria that they can invest in or start with their little capital.
in this post I’m going to share with you the most profitable business that you can do to make successful money, mind you!, not only will I share the list of the businesses but I will give you the tips that you can implement on them to make it a successful business without regretting or losing your money.


Before I dived in I will like to advise/inform you that all business and their tips that I’m going to share in this post required hard work and determination, it is not a money ritual but a very lucrative business that if you are determined then you won’t regret it, as some of them are business that don’t require a lot of capital.


Rabbit rearing business

I place this as number one because most people don’t give this rabbit rearing business attention, but believe me it is an awesome business to invest their money on and he will make you a whopping amount of money.
rabbit, as we all know, is an animal that most people like to eat especially in Nigeria and one of the most important reasons I choose it as first is that rabbit is a type of mammal animal that gives birth to a lot of children averagely five upward and they grow so fast, each of them that has clocked 2 months is sold for nothing less than #2500
Also their food expensive is affordable for an average man, as they can eat almost everything that human ate, examples are carrot, some leaf, etc.
Anybody that has less than #50000 naira as capital can start the business successfully.


I. make sure to have their cages ready before you buy them.
II. try to make a single space house for each of them because rabbit fight a lot and they can kill themselves while fighting, whenever they want to meet(conjugate) put a male and female together when they are done return them to their space.
III. whenever they give birth do not touch their babies and rear the babies for like 2 months before selling them.
To know more about rabbit rearing Click here


chicken rearing

you would have been wondering now while I give preference to agricultural businesses, well I would say these are the businesses that bring you money fast if care is taken, chicken rearing business Is like that of rabbit, but this requires a lot of investment as chickens(preferably boilers) eat a lot and they require medicine to combat a lot of diseases if you are determined you are going to make a lot of profit off them.


I. get ready their cages, it can be a long space one but the most preferable is a single space for each or 2 or 3(in case if any of them contact disease it won’t spread so much among them)
II. visit a  veterinary doctor (a local one or a professional) takes some advice and medicine to get you started.
III. I will encourage you to get CHI chicks products as they are strong and reliable.
IV. keep them warm with a lantern until when they are ½ weeks.
NOTE: I will advise you to sell them off at 4 weeks old as they have high demand at that time and more profitable.


I will have mentioned this as number one because this is what most Nigerians do now, but I consider mentioning the quick money one.
This business is also a good business that can make you a mouth-watering amount and suffice you for a lifetime based on how you manage it as it is among the best profitable business in Nigeria now.
Most of the snacks eaten by kids and adults nowadays are package one, there are many examples of them in our stores and market-making good sales.
you can start this business if you know how to makes snacks like puff puff, chin chin, etc, and if you don’t know how to make it and you want to start the business go and learn it.


I. As a beginner, I will advise you to first rent a shop in a big market like ajegunle in Lagos or agbeni in Ibadan.
2. if you want to make this business a big and successful one you need partners to help you in marketing it.
After you have finished the snacks, package it, and hire people that will help you to hawk it around the market, if your product is good people will get addicted to it and you will surely get offers from stores.


A rental service business is a business in which you rent out to people ceremony materials like chairs, canopies, big pot, large gas cooker, and so on.
This business is also gaining popularity in Nigeria due to the fact that Nigerians like ceremonies and parties.
Although this business requires a lot of capital it is awesome and it gonna make you a lot of money if you implement the tips I’m going to give you on it.


I. Get ready your materials like canopies, chairs, big pot, etc everything.
II. Do not establish in an urban area, because many people are doing the business there already, go to a rural area and rent a shop, or if you live there(rural area) you can use your house.
many people in the rural area suffer a lot to get these things whenever they need it, sometimes they go to the city to get them and if you establish in a rural area, they will patronize you not the city people again.
III.Do not target a big profit at first, try to low the price to the city’s own.


bakery business is also a good idea, but this business requires a lot of money to run successfully. For you to look professional and clean you need a big capital to operate this business, but if money is not your problem, then this business is for you.


I. Establish this business in a rural area, because there will be a high demand in this area.
II. produce a good product that will make them forget urban area bread.
III. always ready for supply.
NOTE: The fault that kills this business faster is producing unworthy bread.


car washing is one of the most underrated business out there, but this business eventually makes real sales and money.
imagine you have a car wash company, using just 30 min to wash a car for #500(depending on the area you establish, some even collect #700 upward), now imagine you have 20 customers per day, isn’t that #10000 per day, making that per week is #70000. like seriously car wash is so cool and money-making machine if you implement the tips I’m going to share with you.


I. Rent a space, and please rent your space to an urban area where people with cars reside in(like doctors, lawyers, business man ) these people don’t have time to wash their car themselves. need some partner that will help you, you can’t do it alone. can even start selling some car materials (like car perfumes, screen wiper, screen cleaner)


This business idea is so cool, and it makes a lot of money especially if you establish your company close to higher institutions campuses, an urban area, and estates, it requires a lot of capital but trusts me it surely worth it.Everybody want to look for nowadays especially youth some can even go far by booking coaching lesson with you,so it is a very profitable business in Nigeria you should work on.


I.establish in an urban area
II. buy good and flashy tools
III. And don’t make your service cost too much


you can see that I’m gradually moving to online stuff, well this business is for computer literate who can trade online, and mind you! it is a jackpot, right now you might be thinking what is mini importation.
mini importation is an act of buying goods at low/less price at an overseas store or online store, ship it to Nigeria, and sell it at a normal price. there are many online stores to buy goods for cheap prices but people mostly target China and their online stores like,, etc.
to know more about mini importation check out this video.



Blogging is a kind of profession and at the same time a business that can make you lifetime money if you know how to operate and manage it, many people like Neil Patel, Brian Dean, shout me loud, passive income, Linda ikeji,makinde Azeez and Insta blog are making a very huge money in blogging, I’m not talking about a small amount of money I’m talking about millions of dollars.
if you are determined and so optimistic, then blogging is for you.


I. Get your site ready by buying hosting and domains of your choice
II. drive traffic to your blog (maybe by promoting it, Facebook pages and group or google  SEO)
III. Apply for ads in ads company like Google AdSense,, etc.) can also join the affiliate program (like Amazon, ClickBank,jvzoo, warrior plus, Awin, etc)


This is one of the ways that most Nigerian youths survive nowadays, joining affiliate programs and promoting their product can not only make you money but can turn you into a millionaire.
imagine you selling a product worth $100 and you are getting 50% commission on it, isn’t that $50? now, what if you make 10 sales per day isn’t that $500 per day?.
you can join an affiliate program like Amazon, jvzoo, ClickBank, etc


This is among the most profitable business that is trending in Nigeria now, this is an open chance for anybody who knows how to make creams, soap, or any other cosmetics used by both gender. This business is usually market online like WhatsApp group, Facebook, etc. so, it requires a little much capital for both production and marketing.


I. Have enough capital to start the business.
II. you need good skill in marketing your product or you can find someone to do that for you.
III. Make a Good and effective product.


As we all know that Nigeria is among the Africa countries that have the worst electricity supply on the continent.

Lack of electricity makes people lost interest in buying refrigerators of their own, as the ones among them that have couldn’t get good out of it.

Drinking cold water, soft drink, the juice is one of the ways of life especially in Africa countries that have a high degree of hot temperature.

This business is a gold mine in Nigeria if managed properly, and it doesn’t even require a lot of marketing as people will flood your company to get your ice block product.


I. Require enough capital to start.

II. Get your Machines ready like a refrigerator and your power source.

III. It is advisable to get your power by buying a solar energy system but you can get a standard generator but solar is better.


This can be a source of wealth for you if you are a business-minded person, about 160 million Nigeria owns their mobile phone which connects them to the world.
selling a bulk voucher for retailers or making yours under the watch of any telecom company you are affiliate to can making a whooping amount of money because the voucher is a fast-moving product which sales never went down


I. Get your capital ready.

II. if you are buying from an affiliate and selling it in bulk to retailers, then you need a shop in a market or public mall.

III.If you want to be an affiliate of telecom companies you need to buy machines and set up your office for business.


This is one of the lucrative business in Nigeria that many citizens of every country jump into.
if you own a car you can decide to work for UBER, as they are the fastest-growing transportation network in the world now.
Many take this job full time because an UBER driver can make up to 15000 per week even more based on how dedicated you are.


I.Get your car ready.

II. register your car under Uber management.

III. drive to make money.


Not everybody has time to do their laundry especially the high class or those who are bombarded with their works.
This work needs consistent customer and can be made successful by establishing in an urban area.
Having a working-class and high people as customers is the best aspect of this business.


I.Get your machines ready.

II. you can rent a shop that is close to an urban area(just stay close to an urban area is the key)

III. Make your customers happy and watch them increase.


People make a lot of money by selling foods, I can testify that some even become rich and well known.
What I love about this business is that you can start with little capital and can make it big in the future.
people love fast food, especially people who go to work early or people who don’t have siblings or a wife to cook for them.


I. Get your capital ready. a shop to an urban Area

III. makes delicious food and watch your customers.

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Is Agriculture business profitable in Nigeria

yes! It is very profitable,in fact it is among some business that require little capital to start and at the end of the day they make good money.

Do all business require marketing

Although marketing is important in business, but there are some business that market themselves because they are high demanding.

Can I start a business with no capital

yes most if online business require no capital to start e.g blogging and some others.

How can I start a business as a beginner

All you need is make a research about the business you want to start,get your capital ready and put your own effort into it with good marketing skills and make sure you keep learning in the process.


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