Paymath reviews: Is paymath legit or scam.

Making money online nowadays is quite easy if you have proper information, also as online business is taking over and people are making money every single day, you should be aware of scam sites that claim glory of helping people. That is why we take the task upon ourselves to reveiw sites wether they are legit or not.
Paymath is an online job platform, which you can use to make money in your free time, and as a trending platform on the net nowadays, it is basically designed for freelancers who work in their free time, many people are running to the platform and it is very popular in Philippines and other countries. In this pandemic time, many people have lost their job, and they are venturing into an online work, it doesn’t mean that of you have a job you can’t benefit from online platform like paymath, it’s just that the future of commerce lies on the internet and working at home. However, we are here because of paymath, wether it is a scam or it is legit.

What is Paymath?.

Paymath is an online platform and earning program that pays you for solving mathematics problem to get points, also they pay you for inviting people to their platform, and every successful member you invited, you will be rewarded for it with points, the platform 1000 points is converted to 1 USD, many people earn on this platform and the payment proof is all over the internet, as many people have make money with this platform already.

Is Paymath legit or scam?.

However, the website is 100% legit as many people give testimonies and good reviews about them all over the internet, except the lazy ones have them bad reveiws.

How can I Sign-Up and Join PayMath?.

If you are interested in paymath, click on paymath and sign up on their website with your require information, mind you!, not everyone can be a member, you need be invited by one of their member inoder to be a member on paymath platform, the form need an activation code from your invitee, as well as the invited’s username name to join, and that is the reason the platform is very up to standard and legit as not anybody can join it anyhow.

Is There a Membership Fee in PayMath?.

The App is very serious about people earning money, not just some website that just need your presence on their website for personal gain, however, you will need to invest 530 pesos(11 USD) , a one time payment as a Membership fee, and after you apid your membership fee, 28% would be given back to you in your earnings and that is php150, which make the total number your membership payment 350 pesos. Don’t worry, it is definitely not a scam but a serious program which helps people earn deligently.

How Much Do I Have to Earn Before you Can Get Paid?.

As I have already said, you can earn in polymath with two ways, one by solving maths and others by inviting people to their platform.
Mathematics solving method- you would have been lamenting about you being poor in math, I would like to tell you that, you are not solving complicated mathematics, but basic ones, which an elementary school students can do without a problem, which include BODMAS; multiplication, subtraction, Addition, subtraction and other basics stuff.
However, every maths problem solved earn you 1 point and to get to 1usd you must solve 1000 basics problems and reaching 20usd threshold means 20000, which means it is for people with extra time. However, if you spend 8hours on it per day, you will surely reach the treshold before the end of the month.

Invite(Direct refferal): This is another method of earning big in this platform, and this is the most effective way, and I advise you to always target referring people instead of wasting time on solving many maths problem, for every succesful invite you made, you would earn 600 pesos, which is 2 usd, which means if you invited 10 people to Paymath you would reach the treshold and earn your money faster.

How to Receive/Withdraw your PayMath Earnings?.

After reaching the treshold of 20 dollars, you can withdraw your money by PayMaya, Smart Padala,, or GCASH. There is also a method for Bank payment but subject to approval.

Honest reviews on Paymath.

it is a legit online platform to earn and no complain of scam about them yet, but the earning is very low as you need to solve a lot of questions to reach your pay treshold, which can be super boring at times, but you have the time you can give it a shot. Also, the invite option is there and that is the great opportunity there as you could earn faster with that by convincing people to join the platform.
However, the complain people have about the platform is about the technical one, as many complain of the website slowness, or lagging and also not been able to log in. moreover, I hope they alive the problem soon.

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