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Hello, online gurus!, as you know that reviewing is our job to get you out of trouble and future regret, in today’s article we are reviewing kick game shoe store, is kick game legit or not, what are there customer saying about them.
As I always say that, we are in the future whereby people love to buy things online people don’t want to stress themselves by walking to store to get stuffs again, and because of this, online store E-commerce in general is growing bigger everyday, moreover, we should be careful as scammers are using the chance to exploit people and accessing personal information illegally.
However, we should dive in what kick game does, whether they are real or not, is there service is good or not .

What is kick Game?.

Kick game is UK based online store that sells all kind of shoes from different brands, it was founded in  by London brothers David and Robert Franks. However, they are London-based luxury retailer, who specialize sneakers and apparel from top brands like Nike, Off-White, Air Jordan, Supreme and Dior. They are well-known in Uk, especially in London, They deal with original sneakers from different brands and they shun counterfeit in their market, so expect to get original stuffs from them.

Kick game URL availability to Google:

kick game is available on google, it is kinda authority site on Google and if you search about them on web their website will pop-up, so they are not living in the dark web lol😂.

Website Security:
Kick game website is 100% safe, the website has SSL certificate, which means if you buy anything from with your card and information, your information is safe and hackers won’t get hold of your information for illegal activities.

Interface (Website Design):

The site speed score is pretty low, but the day is not always accurate as I can say that if you get on their website, their website interface is cool and it’s easy to navigate, no nagging or slowness and you can have the best sneakers at your finger’s tip.

Contact Us and About Us Pages:
They have both the contact Us and About Us pages, and you can contact them, if you have any problem with your order or any other technical issues.

Social Media Accounts:
They exist on almost every social media account including Facebook, over 100k followers on Instagram and even linked in and others.

Is kick game a scam or legit?.

Kick game is 100% legit, they deals with original sneakers from the brand company theirselves, they have no record of counterfeit, and they have good reviews from their customers, 4.4 star rating on trust pilot, and 4.9 star rating on safe buy. basically this is sign that they are 100% legit. Although, their stuff might be quite expensive, but it is expected as what they sell to people is original stuff.

Who Owns Kick Game?.

As a UK based famous online store established in 2013 , it was founded in  by London brothers David and Robert Franks. As at now, the store worth millions of dollars and it is one of the most popular store in Uk.

Kick game sign up.

Go to and click on create account

fill out all your information.

confirm your email address.

Then start to order from the store.

Kick game return policy.

You can return any item you bought from kick game, if you don’t like it or you maybe you buy an oversized stuff, however, you have 14 days after the delivery the day to return the item to them. For clothing, returns must be unwashed and unworn. All returns must be sent back in original packaging, with all labels attached. However return are free within Uk, while the countries have to pay for the courier.


It is 100% safe to buy from kick game, and their service as products are said to quality, so you can deal with them without the fear if being scam or what so ever, but put it at mind that this is our honest review based in research, if you later encounter any problem with them, then our blog would not bear the consequences.

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