Is Cettire legit or scam: Cettire online store reviews.

Living the live of luxury, wearing good wears and living comfortable life is the dream of every human on this Earth. If you desire and love to live luxury, you can try to look up to cettire online luxury item store, which sell luxury wears and items like handbags, clothes, watches and even shoes. There are many online store out there claiming to sell original luxurious items, which at the end turns out to be lie, as most of them are selling fake products for their customers, and even many percentage of them are scammers, who will scam and collect your money and sensitive details.

What is cettire online store?.

Cettire is an online store for luxurious items an wears, which is based in Australia, but sell worldwide. They have products from 500+ brands and designers and sell them on its site. All luxury brands of course with more than 160,000 items.

The company was founded by Dean in Australia. According to a source, he manages to earn $110 million every year, which means cettire is a big company that deals with luxury items.

Is Cettire legit or scam?.

The online store is 100% legit and you can buy from them without hesitation, as they are well known store, especially in Australia. Digging deep into it, I found that Cettire sell real products from different brands and they shun counterfeit products from their store. Although some people complain about their customers service, but we hope that has been fixed.

However, Over 13000 customers reviews on trust pilot with 4.3 stars rating is a good sign of legitimacy and good customer service render by the store and it’s management.

What does cettire online store sell?.

They source for products from different brands and sell it on their store. So, you can find Gucci, Dior, Luis Vuitton and other designer products on their website hassle free. However, the main thing they deal with is wears like;
Shoes such as stilettos and loafers

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Cettire Store return policy.

you are wondering if they actually refund people for returning their products, the straight answer is yes. You can return products back to them if you find any fault or you don’t like it at all, or maybe oversize stuff is delivered to you.

Returns must be completed within 14 days of purchase. Charges for return could be zero if you have purchased after 23 February, 2021.

You can also cancel orders within 24 hours of purchasing it. Any cancellations after that will have a charge of $25. Refunds usually take around 10 days to be processed.

Cettire customers reviews.

There are over 12000 customers reviews on trust pilot about cettire with 4.3 star rating.

” Delivered was Extra Fast. I needed to exchange sizing, and the process was very easy. I highly recommend Cettire!”

“really enjoyed the experience of buying on your site! The delivery was very fast, the products ib perfect condition. I never experienced a return but I suppose this is also perfect! Congratulations!”

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