It is no more news that people are making so much money every day and that online marketing and finance are growing every day, covid-19 pandemic especially opens people’s eyes to so many online businesses that most people didn’t know about before, and online marketing is growing every day. Quora is one the most popular website, where people go to ask questions or answers questions and every month, Quora has visitors(both unique and old visitors ) no less than 300 million every month, and there are many ways you can take the advantage of this huge traffic generate by quora to make money online. Quora as a forum-like website wish to kept people On its website to avoid google updates and to establish a large platform, where people can meet to educate one another.
Although, I’m going to mention not only the Quora partner program but also the different ways you can use Quora to make money.
However, without wasting time, let’s dive into it so you can start making that dollars quick from quora massive traffic, the first way to earn on Qoura is through their partner program, which not everybody has access to it, especially the people from and Africa.

Quora partner program.

A partner program is a type of marketing strategy, whereby a company pays their publisher to publish or advertise for them so that both parties can benefit.
you would have been wondering by now that, does Quora has a partner program like Google and co. , and the answer is yes, although, this is not that popular as other company’s partner programs since the opportunity is not opened to everybody, because of the payment gateway adopted by Quora to pay her publisher, which is Stripe. As we all know that stripe is one of the popular payment gateway people use a lot today to accept payment online. However, the stripe is not available worldwide for now, especially for Africans, so people living outside the U.S might find it difficult to participate in the Qoura partner program.


You earn on Quora as their partner by asking reasonable questions, maybe scientific, political, educational, and philosophical questions, based on which field you are interested in, the more attention you get on quora the more money and recognition you will make.


There was a time when you can join the program and start to earn, but Quora stop it, due to loads of unpaid money as most people could not meet the threshold. To avoid this, they adopted the method of inviting the people they deem fit for their program. When your questions get a lot of attention on Quora, their team will send you an invitation mail that would allow you to join the program and participate.


As I have already analyzed in the above paragraphs that traffic flows like water to the Quora site, and there are many ways you can utilise this massive traffic for your purpose. If you are into affiliate marketing, you can use quora traffic to make sales, this is the method most of the affiliate gurus are using and it works.
However, how can you use Quora traffic to make sales on your affiliate program? Firstly, after you have gotten your affiliate link from any affiliate website you like(ClickBank, Shareasale, warrior plus, etc), then you will have to create a business account on Quora, and after you did that, there are two methods to drive the traffic.
I. Answering people’s questions relating to the niche you are promoting; this method required you to find recent questions asked by people who are curious about something related to the product or niche you are promoting and provide a convincing answer with your link in the comment box.
II. Ranking your Quora post on Google; this is more complicated and at the same time very effective. After creating your Quora account, you will need to do keyword research on the topics that are related to your niche and that are easy to rank, after you got your keywords, head to Quora and make a post with your keywords asking questions about the niche you are promoting, then you will need to create another account again to answer the question you have asked earlier with a convincing answer and your link to the product you are promoting(note: use landing page link). What will happen is that Quora is a powerful site and this post will rank on Google for many keywords related to the topic, and people will come to seek answers for the question which include your answer, and this might drive a lot of traffic to your affiliate link and make your sales.

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Driving Traffic To Your Monetized Blog.

Another effective way to make use of Quora is using it to drive traffic to your already monetized blog or website. A website can be monetized by Google AdSense, ezoic, or other advertising companies out there, Quora being a massive traffic site and a forum can help you in pushing up your blog traffic, which can make you earn more on your website through google or other company partner program. Many bloggers are using it, not even only Quora, but also medium and other free article generated websites, which have more authority on google and a lot of traffic.

Driving Traffic to Monetized Link.

Many people are using link shorteners to make much money by making people click their link with ads, an example of link shorteners companies that pay is adfly, they pay per 1000 clicks on your link which can link to your blog or affiliate site. Going on Quora to answer questions and providing solutions to people’s worries can earn you a few bucks, even more than a few, if people decided to click on your links. I have my method which I use for this and it works perfectly. imagine people coming to Quora to seek answers on how to quit smoking, and you have an ebook or an article that explains it in detail, you can simply short the URL leading to the article or ebook with adfly and make money per a thousand clicks. This works perfectly when you have things to offer lan like an ebook, a course, or something that could solve or relegate the problem that the people sought answers for.

Advertise Your Service On Quora.

However, you can also make money on Quora by advertising your service, like SEO service, digital marketing, and so on, base on your niche or what you know how to do, or you can review the partner company that you wish to drive traffic to, for instance, ” best hosting company that I have ever used”. creating a topic that can bring awareness to a service you are providing.

Promoting Trending Apps Or Websites

Since so many people come to ask questions about their confusions, you may take the advantage of this to promote an app or website that is Trending on the net, maybe a survey site or App that pay their affiliates, when people ask their question, you can then answer them with proof and convincing answer on the App or websites for them to click on your affiliate links.


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