Cintex wireless reveiw: is cintex wireless legit or scam.

You are probably here because you are worrying about the legitimacy of cintex wireless, however in this article all you need to know about cintex would be reviewed.
you hear about Cintex Wireless free phones program and you’re curious whether it’s legit or it’s a scam, Cintex Wireless is one of the nation’s leading providers of EBB & Lifeline wireless services to those in need. Cintex’s subscribers will receive a FREE 4G/5G LTE smartphone along with FREE monthly cell phone service to help them stay connected with family, school services, doctors, and employers. 
It sound too good to be true, right?.

What is cintex wireless?.

Cintex is Delaware liability company founded in January 2007, and recently the government partner with them to give people free phones for free. So, you can apply for free phones on cintex including iPhones and Samsung, and the free phones program is fully backed by the government with the criteria put down for the elegibility. This program is called Lifeline assistance by federal government supported by Universal Service Fund, although the service is subsidized by the government but the phones are provided by cintex wireless.

Is cintex wireless free phones legit or scam?.

This program is 100% legit sponsored by federal government, and there are many people enjoying it already and giving testimonies on social media, especially on YouTube, although some people order iPhone while what they got was Samsung; that is not bad, it’s free phones anyway.

How to apply for cintex wireless free phones?.

To enroll for this program, you must be qualify for it according to the criteria set by the government, basically the goal of this lifeline assistance program is to ensure that qualifying low-income households have access to basic telecommunication services. To apply for it visit cintex wireless website and check if you are elegible or not.

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How to be elegible for cintex wireless free phones?.

There are many criteria set by the grace for the elegibilit. The first is that; there should be only one account per household, although separate household that live in the same place are elegible too, including residents of nursing homes. Again, residents of temporary homes are elegible.
You may also qualify based on your household income. In order to become a Cintex Wireless subscriber, you must provide proof of program participation or proof of income. Currently, the offer is limited to eligible customers residing in the State of Arkansas, Maryland, Rhode Island, Maine and West Virginia.

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