vacuum for laminate floors

cleaning and vacuuming laminate floors require a special vacuum cleaner with strong suction power and very strong abilities and features, as we all know, laminate floors are so hard, sticky, and sloppy that a vacuum cleaner that is not strong and well-powered will failed drastically in cleaning and vacuuming it.
Using a vacuum cleaner which is not for laminate floors can be frustrating, there are so many vacuum cleaner in the market, everyone claiming to be the best, but if you are looking for the best vacuum cleaner for laminate floors, then welcome to our ultimate guide article.

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STICK VACUUM: This vacuum is the most common among all vacuum cleaners and it was designed with a stick likes handles that allow you to maneuvers it with just a pleasant pushing and pulling and he has great sales on market worldwide.
CANISTER VACUUM: These types of vacuum are an example of what we call heavy-duty machines, because of their great suction and most of them are original designs for heavy cleaning, tough dust cleaning, and stubborn laminate floors.
UPRIGHT VACUUMS: As I always said this vacuum cleaner stays between stick and canister vacuum cleaner as it is neither too slim nor too bulky. it has a great powerful suction like that of a canister and very easy maneuverability like that of a stick vacuum.
ROBOT VACUUM: As you can hear from its name robot, robot vacuum cleaners are cleaners that are designed as self-control machines, most of them are powerful while some are not, but it depends on your budget as they are costly.
And one of the reasons I won’t advise this for laminate floors is that most of them have small dirt cups which cause you a delay in cleaning, as you will need to empty them before continuing.
Some control with a remote, while some can be controlled from an App on your phone.
HANDHELD VACUUM: This is usually built-in lightweight and they are usually good in cleaning the roof, ceiling, and small corners, but it is not recommended for big places, although most stick vacuum and upright now include a handheld mode to their products, so you can switch between the two when you feel like.


Image Name Type Dimensions Price
MIELE-COMPLETE-C2 Miele complete c2 Canister Vacuum 23.6 x 16.25 x 13 inches. Check Price
BISSELL POWEREDGE 81L2A Bissell poweredge Stick Vacuum  10.6 x 11.3 x 43.3 inches Check Price
TINECO A10 HERO CORDLESS STICK Tinneco stick vacuum Stick vacuum 12.5 x 8.3 x 43.3 inches. Check Price


1.MIELE COMPLETE C2- best canister vacuum for hard floors


This is the best canister vacuum cleaner I have seen so far with the power-packed features and abilities.
It has a powerful suction of 1200 watts Miele-made Vortex Motor and it has 6 setting suction which allows choosing how powerful you want the suction to be on a different surface and it can be controlled with a rotary Dial and it is even a suitable option for pet owners.
it has a flat head that is capable of clean a path radius of 33 inches and a soft parquet brush that makes it gentle on sensitive hard floors.
it is a bagged vacuum cleaner that saves you from the mess of bagless vacuum and it is so easy to dispose of. Also, the bag has a wheel, you won’t have a hard time dragging the bag all around while comes with all kinds of tools you need in vacuum-like crevice tools, an upholstery tool, and a dusting brush. 
it uses a cord to power up, although it has a short cord which I feel should be a little longer because the shortness reduces its mobility.
This vacuum is basically for laminate and hard floors, so I won’t recommend it for rug users.
it has an ergonomic hose and it can be carried on stairs for proper cleaning as it is lightweight.

product dimension:23.6 x 16.25 x 13 inches.
Item Weight:19.51
Batteries required: No.


  • wide cleaning radius.
  • Strong suction power.
  • clean perfectly


  • quite expensive.


This vacuum is considered the best vacuum cleaner for both laminate floors and pet hairs. As we all know that Bissell is among the best producer of vacuum cleaners in the market, their contributions to a clean environment are undeniable.
Bissell power edge 81L2A has a v-shape head that helps in cleaning both large and small debris from your laminate floors and beneath the v-shape head is a rolling foot that makes its maneuverability so smooth. No brushes or moving parts touch the floor – just a soft rubber line that moves the dirt towards the suction and also the wheel is rubberized to avoid it scratching your beautiful floor.
it has a cleaning path width of 11.35 inches that makes it easy to clean around the furniture.
it is a bagless vacuum with an easy-to-empty dirt cup and the vacuum is designed for hard floor cleaning.
it is power by a cord that is 20 feet long.
it has a Unique squeegee system that captures pet hair and other stubborn dirt and passes it into the funnel for great performance.
it is a very lightweight vacuum as it weighs only 7.5 pounds and it is very easy to carry upstairs and around the house.
Again, this vacuum is not recommended for a rug as it is made for laminate floor and pet hair cleaning.

product dimension:10.6 x 11.3 x 43.3 inches.
Item weight:7.5 pounds.
Batteries required: NO


  • Very powerful suction.
  • Very lightweight.
  • Easy to use


  • Filters problem.



shark navigator is an upright vacuum type that works in three-mode(as a stick, canister, and upright), also it has a sealed HEPA filter that helps capture 99.9% of allergen.
it has amazing swivel steering which provides proper and smooth maneuver around the furniture and other obstacles.
Also, on the top of its stick sit the suction control that allows you to control the suction power according to your taste.
With a push of a button, you can detach the detachable pod for lightweight cleaning, and also it works very well in cleaning stairs especially when used in its handheld mode.
The fact that this vacuum can be used in both canister and upright mode and let us experience the two best vacuum types in one product is very amazing. in the canister mode, you can reach any corner you want whether behind the furniture, the ceiling, and the tightest corner in your room.
it is a bagless vacuum with a very easy-to-empty dirt cup, the dirt cup is quite large as it has 2.08 liters for dirt and dust.
it has a super pet power brush and crevice tools which gives it premium features.
If you are an upright vacuum cleaner lover and you want something powerful for your laminate floors, this vacuum is highly recommended for you.

Product dimension: 14.96 x 11.4 x 45.5 inches.
Item weight: 13.7 pounds.
Batteries required: NO.
Dirt cup:2.08 liters.


  • Anti allergen.
  • Very easy to use.
  • Effective cleaning.
  • Good crevice tools


  • it quite heavy if not lift away.
  • Straining.



This vacuum is ideal for people who always have large debris to clean, the vacuum mouth was designed to take large debris and it is a very good machine in tackling large house messes.
it has a small dirt cup of 0.4 liters but it is very easy to empty after usage, and having a washable bowl and filters for continual usage is amazing on its own.
Although, I won’t recommend this vacuum for someone with low health life or an elderly person as it is a handheld vacuum that needs constant bending and swinging while doing the cleaning, apart from that it is a very good vacuum cleaner for hard floors.
it is a cordless vacuum using a lithium battery to power up and it runs for 10-15 minutes on heavy usage per charge.
It has smooth maneuverability and great suction power that sucks up dirt quickly, although, you will have to endure its noise, as we all know, the more powerful a vacuum suction is, the more noise it might make.
besides, it is a very lightweight vacuum that you can carry up and down stairs while cleaning without straining your hands.
This vacuum also has a crevice tool that provides access to corners and it also has a brush that allows you to dust and vacuum upholstery.

Product dimension: 13.9 x 7.9 x 5.3 inches.
Item Weight: 2.11 pounds.
Batteries required: YES.
Dirt Cup: 0.4 liters.


  • smooth maneuverability.
  • Very lightweight.
  • Wide mouth for large debris.




    Let the first talk about its suction power as this is one of the utmost features of laminate floors vacuum, it has a powerful suction that works very well on laminate floors and the suction is a very good picker when it comes to pet hair. the suction includes three settings that can be easily switched at your fingertips and they are as follows: hard floors, upholstery, and carpet.
    It is a very lightweight vacuum as it only weighs 8 pounds, this gives you the ability to carry it around your house, up and down the stairs while cleaning without wearing yourself out. Also, its less weight makes its maneuverability smooth and it has swivel steering and telescoping metal Wand that allows you to maneuver it around and under the furniture with ease.
    It saves you a lot of expenses as it is a bagless vacuum with a washable filter, it has a quite large container of about 2.5 liters and it is very easy to empty without you touching the dirt and dust.
    it is an electric corded vacuum of 16ft, this may limit your mobility but it will surely increase your usability as you will be able to vacuum all your room in one go.
    To be honest with you, it might feel bulky as it has its dirt cup on a wheel apart from the vacuum and you might not have enough space to park it.
    Apart from that, it is a very good machine for your home cleaning.

    Product dimension:14.17 x 12.2 x 9.65 inches.
    Item Weight: 8.29 pounds.
    Batteries required: No (corded vacuum).
    Dirt Cup: 2.5 liters.


    • large dirt cup.
    • Long power cord.
    • Smooth maneuverability.


    • feels bulky.

    6.SAMSUNG JET 70.


    One of the foremost things you will love so much about this vacuum cleaner, is its long-life battery that works for 40 minutes before recharging it, and it is a removable battery, that you can switch with spares when the former damaged or drain, it uses 1 Lithium-ion battery to power up.
    it has a very intense suction power of 140 watts, it is vacuum made primarily for hard floors and thick carpets, the more the suction power the more effective vacuum cleaner on laminate floors.
    Also, it is a lightweight vacuum cleaner that can even be used by kids, as it weighs 6 pounds, which gives you the opportunity to carry it up and down stairs easily.
    in this vacuum filter, there is no place for dirt and debris, because it has a powerful multi-cyclonic system that pushes dirt into the dustbin.
    it is easy to clean around furniture because of its 180° swivel head, this is the best cordless vacuum cleaner I have seen so far.

    Product Dimensions: 8.5 x 9.8 x 44.2 inches
    Item Weight: 5.8 pounds
    Manufacturer: Samsung.


    • powerful suction.
    • Top brand.
    • very effective cleaning


    • Quite expensive.

    7.VONHAUS 2 IN 1 600W.

    VONHAUS 2 IN 1 600W.

    Another stick vacuum cleaner that can be used as a handheld for flexibility and effective usage here is gold for stick vacuum lovers.
    The stick vacuum cleaner has a strong power suction of 130 watts that deal with any dust and debris on your laminate floors without scratching or damaging them.
    you can switch from stick to handheld for easy cleaning especially for the stairs and hard corners, which is hard to reach with stick vacuum, and it has smooth maneuverability that gives you hassle-free while using it.
    it has crevice tools that make its neck flexible for around obstacle cleaning, mini brush, and extension tune is also included for proper empowerment.
    it is a bagless vacuum with HEPA filters that works great, it dirt cup of 1.3 liters was designed with easy to empty chamber.
    This product has so many positive reviews from people, especially people that use it for hard floors. if you are a stick vacuum lover and you want something powerful, then this is your ideal.

    Product Dimensions: 12 x 6 x 6 inches.
    Item Weight: 5.6 pounds.
    Manufacturer: DOMU Brands.


    • very lightweight.
    • Easy to maneuver.
    • strong suction


    • make noise.



    MIELE TRIFLEX HXI was made to work on all types of floors, and it was made in a 3-in-1 design. it can also work as both stick and handheld vacuum which makes it light weighted and at the same time very effective in cleaning hard to reach place and ceiling.
    it has great suction power, that works well on hard floors and thick carpet, it required a battery to power up and it came with an exchangeable VARTA Li-Ion battery for up to 60 minutes of run-time, so you don’t need to worry about not vacuuming your rooms at one go.
    The extra-wide electrobrush makes you cover a large area very quickly while cleaning and it saves you more time, also
    Maintenance-free Hygiene Lifetime Filter with >99.9% dust retention capacity helps you in capturing dust that might escape the dirt cup and save you from any type of allergen reaction the dust might cause you.
    I must tell you, it is a very lightweight vacuum, and one of the best I have seen so far, despite being a power-packed vacuum cleaner yet it has a very lightweight body.

    Product Dimension: 8.75 x 11 x 45.3 inches.
    Item Weight: 1.39 pounds.
    Batteries: 1 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included).


    • long life battery.
    • Very lightweight.
    • extra wide electronic brush.


    • small dirt cup.



    You will get all you need from this vacuum cleaner as it is among the most praised vacuum on the market today.
    It is a cordless cleaner that is powered by a detachable battery, which runs for 25 minutes on normal mode and 10 minutes on Max mode, Although the run time is small for some rooms, it is still a detachable battery, which means you can get a spare and switch them when needed.
    it has a very strong suction power which works well on hard floors and carpet and it can be used in a dense room because it has a LED headlight that provides you more vision in the dark.
    4 staged fully sealed HEPA filtration captures almost all dust and particles to 0.3 microns, and denote clean air for breathing.
    it can be converted to a hand vac from the stick position for flexibility in cleaning, which makes you clean some hard places to reach, like the ceiling, behind the furniture, and even the staircase.
    A touch of a button can empty the dirt cup instantly without you touching the stored dirt for hygiene purposes.
    it is very easy to maneuver from floors to the ceiling due to its lightweight body.

    Product Dimension: 12.5 x 8.3 x 43.3 inches.
    Item Weight: 5.03 pounds.
    Batteries Required: Yes.


    • powerful suction.
    • HEPA filter.
    • LED headlight.


    • short life battery.



    If you are looking for a very powerful suction vacuum that works on all types of floors, then this is ideal for you.
    it has a very powerful suction that works on all types of floors, from hardwood floors to thick carpet, and again, it was designed with suction power control, so you can control how much suction power you need when cleaning.
    it has a detachable nozzle that allows you to clean above the floor like ceiling, stairs, and some hard places to reach like under the furniture and tight corner. also, it has an anti-allergen complete seal filter that makes no dust and dirt escape or causes pollution to the air.
    I must say that it is very powerful for pet hair pick up and it was powered with a self-cleaning brush roll that serves as an anti-wrap.
    it LED light will make you leave no hidden debris, as it will illuminate them and give you the best result in cleaning your house without leaving any dirt behind.
    This vacuum is powerful enough for your day to days activities.

    Product Dimension: 11.2 x 12.2 x 46 inches.
    Item Weight: 16 pounds.
    Batteries Required: No.


    • powerful suction.
    • LED light.
    • Anti-allergen filter.


    • it is heavy.


    There are things to consider when you are buying a vacuum cleaner for a specific floor or place, we must first consider what we are using the vacuum for, like that of laminate floors, some want a vacuum cleaner for pet hairs, some for rugs and so on, before we divert the topics, let get into the laminate floors vacuum cleaners buyers guides.

    SUCTION POWER: Before buying any vacuum cleaner the first thing you need to consider is how strong and how weak the suction power is, and how much power your vacuum suction must-have.
    Most of the time, suction that is so powerful can damage your floors by leaving scratches and disabilities, so it is advisable to know how much suction power your vacuums need.
    TYPES OF FLOORS: To know the type of vacuum and how strong its suction power should be then you need to know what type of floors and how much power can your floors take without getting damage and how much can it takes for proper cleaning.
    But what I recommended highly is the vacuum cleaner with different stages of suction power, because some vacuum cleaners have both max mode and normal mode, so you can switch between both at your convenient place.
    HOW SMOOTH IS THE MANEUVERABILITY: This is also a crucial thing to look at if a vacuum cleaner lack proper and smooth maneuverability then it will be so difficult to operate very well on laminate floors, maneuver problems are mostly caused by the heaviness of some vacuum cleaners, so going for lightweight ones are recommended.
    Also, choosing the one with a long cord of at least 20-40 feet is highly recommended for your mobility, although cordless one should have been the best in this case but it can limit your usability as you may not able to complete your cleaning at one go.
    TYPE OF VACUUM: Although it all depends on the type of vacuum that you think will work best for you, maybe based on your budget or comfortability, but we highly recommend a bagged vacuum, as these types of vacuum cleaner will help you trap all the dirt quickly and safely and you can even complete your cleaning in a go, as you won’t need to empty a small dirt cup, as it is in the bagless ones.
    Although the bagless ones eliminate the need to replace or buy other bags when needed but ask yourself” can a bagless vacuum work with me?” if yes, then you are good to go.
    HOW MUCH IS THE PRICE: I always say this in my reviews, the juxtaposition of the product price and your budget is a must to consider because you don’t want to keep lingering about products you can’t afford. So check pocket, find a product that suits your pocket standard, and then go for it if you like.
    But what I will like you to keep in mind is, the more powerful and bountiful a vacuum cleaner is, the higher the price.
    BAG FULL INDICATOR: you can also consider a vacuum cleaner that has a bag full indicator so you can be aware when the bag is full to prevent the bag from bursting.
    FILTRATION SYSTEM: The best type of filter you can look for on a vacuum is a HEPA filter, as they are very effective in trapping dust which protects the mechanism from damage.
    Again, a filter that can be washed and reused is also recommended to avoid buying a filter after a short time of usage.
    SHAPE OF THE VACUUM HEAD: Do you know there are different types of vacuums heads, some are low profile head and others maybe v-shape head or flathead, but what is recommended for laminated floors are both low profile head and flat head as they are more effective I’m this regard.
    HOW MUCH DOES IT WEIGHT: Although it is argued that the more weight a vacuum holds the more power it delivers, which is not always the case, many vacua is light yet very powerful it depends on how the maker wanted it.
    So, going for a lightweight vacuum is recommended for your health and to make you less burden when cleaning.


    I hope this Articles helps you in picking the best vacuum cleaner for laminate floors ,please share this article to help our blog and effort


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