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Using phones when our hands are busy, is the most stressful thing to ever experience, imagine you are cooking and you had a video call you can’t pick up, or you are driving and you can’t use Google map to sought your way out without looking off the road, this can be stressful and at the same time can be dangerous, and that is when you need a ultimate phone holder to keep you and your phone safe on the road and in yours home, with phone holders you can receive hand free call, glance at your Gps or google map, do video call with your loved ones without touching your phone, having fun vlogging while driving, even when cooking.

What amazed me most in these phone holders, is the fact that most were equipped with wireless fast charging technology, that allows you to charge your phone while using it in the holder.
Despite that there are so many phone mount out there, none of them can be compare with ultimate phone holders, as some of them came with super packed features in appearance, flexibility, functionality and technology, which makes the ultimate phone holders stand out from other phone mount products.

Although I will not only be talking about car or dashboard mount here, but also other hand and neck phone holders.
So if you are a busy man with your phone, whether while driving or cooking, or doing any other menial works, then you need to check our best picked ultimate phone holders out, which is guaranteed and trusted.

Best Ultimate Phone Holders For 2021.


Ultimate phone holder


This car mount is one of my favourite phone holders out there, and I decided to pick it as number 1 not of the fact that, it is easy to install but of its super packed features that impressed me a lot.
This device come with 360° degree rotation that allows you to use the phone both in landscape and portrait mode, or any angle you wish to turn it. It also has a cup edge that makes it sit comfortably and firmly wherever you put it, whether in your car or on your kitchen cabinet.

it works for almost every phone like Samsung Note 20/ Note 20 Ultra /Note 10/Note 10 Plus/S10/S9/S8/S7/S6 Edge +/Note 5, Max 7.5W for iPhone 12/Mini /11 Pro/Pro Max/XS MAX/XS/XR/X/8/8+.

Because of it auto clamping features, the automatic clippers clip the phone firmly automatically, no matter what size your phone is. Also, it can easily be released or unclamped by just touching the release button at the side of the holder.
it has a strong wireless charging technology, that allows you to charge your phone even without taking off your phone case, as the ZeeHoo wireless fast charging mount can deliver a charge through cases up to 3mm thick.
The bottom suction cup can be washed. Rinsing ,washing and drying the suction cup after long usage can help it restore its thickness.
I will say if you want the best of the best phone holder, then you can probably go for this.



This phone holders is best known for its auto sense mounting, when your phone is at the close range, the mount opens it arm widely, and immediately your phone is place inside the holder, it closed its arm firmly.
This phone mount is more compatible with iPhone, Samsung Galaxy , huawei, LG and other smartphones. And of course it has a wireless charging technology that is design for both iPhone and android, in which on androids, it charges at 10w and on iPhones, it charges at 7.5w. The foot is design to align for optimal Qi wireless charging and it can be adjusted to 3 different height setting. once the phone is in the sturdy cradle, the Qi wireless technology delivers power to the phone automatically without needing extra charging cable.

It has inner battery that stays charged like power bank after unplugging the mount cable for convenience, and it came with dual car charger with micro USB.
The device feature suction cup that can be install on dashboard or windshield with string hold, there is a dashboard pad that can only be used once, hence the suction cup edge can be reused by just washing or rinsing to maintain its suction power.
The newly well designed telescopic arm extends from 4.9” – 8.3” and pivots on 225° arc for a variety of optimal positions, having a package dimension of 7.76 x 5.04 x 3.19 inches and weigh about 15.7 lbs.



This wireless charger car mount is like other products out there, but what made it stand out among others products that i have listed up there, is the fact that he can stand or can be clipped on anything apart from surface, windshield, and dashboard, it can also be clipped on surface like car air vent.(check the picture below)

it has a automatic clamping, which opens its arm up to 3.8 inches when the device censor feels anything coming, and as soon as you put your phone in the holder, its immediately holds it firmly and start the charging automatically, the space between the two clips is 0.28 feet when the clips are open and 0.19 feet when clamped .

it is most compatible with iPhone XS MAX / XR / XS / X / 8 / 8 Plus, standard charing Samsung Galaxy S8 / S8 plus, S7 / S7 Edge , Note 8, Note 9, Note5 / S9 / S9 Plus / S8 / S8+ / S7 / S7 edge / S6 edge+ Nexus 4 / Nexus 5 / Nexus 6 Nokia 9 / Nokia Lumia 920 / 1020 / 928 / Lumia 950xl / 950 HTC 8X / HTC Droid DNA and other Qi enable smartphone on market.
It has the ability to rotate on 360° which makes it possible for you to twist it to any angle that befits your position, and it has a such protection system that makes the charging process stop when your phone is fully charged. And it charged at the rate of 10W/7.5W/5W based on your device, the device weight is not over bearing as it weigh about 138kg.



Unlike other products, I have mentioned above, this device is different as he came with clip not suction cup edge, which was praised by most phone holder customers as the best of all time.
As we all know that during high temperature, phone holder with suction cup disadvantages will pop up, as they can fall off or slack due to high temperature, and that is one of the suction cup phone holder Conditions.
The thick silicon soft clip of DM product was made to not scratch or damage the car air vent, so you don’t need to worry of the clip damaging your car, and the upper and lower two pieces effectively resist the air outlet fan blade falling.

I can say this device encourage safe driving by its position and usage.
it has a very responsive one touch release button that works even when you disconnect power from the device.
The rotation which I believe is not 360° allows you to twist the phone to a comfortable angle, and the car also came with Qi wireless charging technology that support device from 4 to 6.5 inches and it can charge phones with cases of no higher than 6mm thick at 10W/7W rate, and it has a adjustable bottom hook that makes you adjust the mount to your likeness. And it support many phones that is on market today like Samsung,iPhone, LG etc.
Things that I would have loved for them to include on this device is the 360° rotation features and both cup edge and the clips, because you can’t use the holder on surface or dashboard which is not so good.
If you love clip edge phone holder then, this is the best for you.



And here is everybody’s favourite even Amazon, This is one of the best iottie ultimate phone holder products out there, although it has not censor that can make it arms open automatically, but it has a easy touch button that does the job for you, and immediately you put your phone against the easy touch trigger it closes it arms firmly automatically.
It does not has Qi wireless fast charger but it has a very comfortable space for charger that is compatible with almost every phone like iPhone and samsung and it is the #1 selling car charger mount in U.S.

its mount extend up to 8.3 and pivot on a 225 degree arc and its foot can be unlock and adjust to fit any size phone and it has air vent at the back of the mount that help cool air that circulate within.
it has a 360° rotation and a good telescope that allows you to select a comfortable angle for your work, working both on smooth surface and windshield of a car or anywhere you place it.

6.iOttie Wireless Car Charger Easy One Touch Wireless 2.

iOttie Wireless Car Charger Easy One Touch Wireless 2.

This is one of the best phone holder I have ever seen. iOttie easy One Touch Wireless 2, is an ideal for car mount lovers, it has a dual installation which are air vent twist lock and CD slot connector, this allows you to install the phone holder however you want. Again, the air vent twist lock is design to hold firm on your air vent without damaging it and it can work in any temperature unlike its counterpart(cup suction) that falls off at high temperature.
it has 3.7 inches wide arm that spread openly immediately after pressing the side button and it closes after you put your device in the holder. Although this car mount is not a auto clamping like others, but trust me it is among the best.
it has a Qi wireless charging technology, that delivers a powerful charging to your phone without any cable charging surpport, and this is available in the both installation mode. The Qi wireless charging technology charges android at the rate of 10w and an iPhone at the rate 7.5w.
it has a 360% rotation that allows you to rotate the device according to your taste and comfortability, its foot is adjustable, and it can be adjusted in three different height level, so if your phone is long or short, the mount got you covered.
As you know car holder that is installed on air car vent are more safe for driving, I advise you should consider it.



This device has a 3rd generation super strong copper coil, and it charging speed is amazing that its charging speed is 50% faster than the other wireless car charger. 10W fast charging for Samsung Galaxy S10+/S10e/S10/S9+/S9/S8/S8+/S7+/S7/S6/S6+/S6 edge/Note 8/Note and 7.5W fast charging for iPhone 8/8 Plus/X/Xs/Xs MAX/XR.

it has a strong phone sensor that helps its auto clamping function very well, immediately you put your phone in the holder, its holds it strongly automatically. Also it has a touch sense, any touch on any of its sides will make the device release it arm gently to let the phone go.
The arm clamp can be easily adjusted for 4.7 ~ 6.3 inches devices. Compared with the gravity bracket, it work most for the mobile phone.
washing and rinsing the suction cup after long usage can help restore its stickiness and the suction cup is so strong that it is advised not to be applied on leather, wall or filmed glass surfaces.
The device support rotation, both landscape and portrait mode, but I’m not sure if it is 360°, but I guess all you need is both Landscape and portrait.
What amazed me most is that this phone holder is a holder of all time, as it can be installed on dashboard, smooth surface and even car air vent(which is good in hot temperature wheather) because the package came with both suction cup and air vent clip.



it is widely known as lazy neck as it was originally design for neck but the real fact is that this thing work almost everywhere, in the car, in the kitchen, in the bedroom, anywhere just name it, anywhere you can think of.
it has super flexible goose neck with high quality aluminium magnesium alloy that you can practically bend to however you like.

This phone holder do not have wireless charging technology, so it just a mere holder.
The holder will work with mostly any mobile phone, holding phones that are 2.2 to 3.3 inches wide such as iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR, iPhone X 8 8 plus 7 7 plus 6 6 plus 6s 6s plus, Google Pixel, Nexus, Huawei, Galaxy S10 S9 S8 S7 S6.
it has 360° rotation that makes it possible for you to twist it to any angle that is perfect for your position.
it has a dimension of 8.5 x 5.59 x 2.01 inches and it weigh about 1.05 pounds.



This phone holder is made to be used indoor like office, kitchens, living room, bedroom etc. Although it has a flexible goose neck, but not as flexible as the lazy neck, that I reviewed above.
The cell phone holder is compatible with 3.5~6.5 inch devices, such as iPhone 11/11 Pro/11 Pro Max/XS/XS Max/XR/X/8/8P/7/7P/6s/6, Galaxy Samsung S10+ S10e S10 S9+ S9 S8+ S8 S7 Note 10 9 8, Google Pixel, Nexus, LG, Sony, Moto, LG,etc.
it is good for watching video, reading, studying, playing games, making video call or recording video. it has an adjustable neck which you can easily adjust on a 360° in a shape that fit your angle.

It has a very stable base that stands firmly whenever you place it,it has a thicken EVA mat that protect the desktop from scratches and other damages other phone holder may cause.

10.VICSEED Car Phone Mount Magnetic Phone Car Mount.

Vicseed car phone mount magnetic

This is the first magnetic phone holder for car I’m talking about in this article, probably, by now you would have been thinking that magnetic phone holder is not safe as it can fall, if the car suffer pressure from bad road or something, as for vicseed car phone Mount, the answer is no! , because it has a super strong magnetic power, there are 4 magnets inside the base which means that, this air vent car mount has a stronger and better grip to keep your phone securely over rougher drives and sharp turns.
it has a 360° rotation that makes you turn the phone at any angle you want for your comfortability. also, the magnet is sharp and works well, in both situation, when your phone is on case or if it is not on case, which means you can use it without removing your phone case.
it is car air vent in installation, and the air vent handle was made with silk silicon that prevent its from damaging or scratching your car.
it is very compatible with iPhone SE 11 Pro XS Max XR X 8 Plus Samsung Galaxy Note20 S20 Note10 & All Phone.
Although this car mount is not for people that is looking for a phone holder with Qi wireless charging technology, as it was not a wireless charging phone holder. apart from that it is a great phone holder you should check out.

Frequently Asked Question.

Which Type Of Phone holder Is Good And Better?.

There are many phone holder out there in the market, but the types, the people love so much is the suction cup and Air vent ones ,so between the two, the one I will recommend is the air vent one, as its advantages are more than that of suction cup.

Is QI Charging Technology Good?.

Using phone holder with wireless charging makes your life using phone easy, but some of them are expensive, if you can afford them, then you should surely go for them.

Can Ultimate Phone Holder For Car Be Used At Home?

yes!,most of them can be used at home? especially the suction cup type, as you just need to stick them to where you need them in your home.

Last verdict.

Most of the phone holder, I reviewed up there are the best choice pick by our editorial, and they are available on amazon, so you should check them out.

I hope you enjoy this article, and I believe you got the answer you want. Please share our content to support our blog thanks.


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